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Keep Looking for the Light

image-abstracted window

“The Light Seeps Through,” photo illustration by Mary Gow Pincus

Do you like those vertical blinds on windows that are probably from the 1970’s? They’re pretty good for privacy. Photographing them using a filter on the Paper Artist app created a cool affect I couldn’t resist sharing.

I love this app and the 40+ filters you can use to make any photograph into a work of art.

What type of light are you looking for?

Light seeping in on the edges. Whether it’s a bright day or a dim one, blinds help you regulate light. And dark. If we could have similar filters for what we hear, oh think of that.

Light from Below

Following the advice of photographer, Tyler Mitchell, in his MasterClass “Tyler Mitchell Teaches Storytelling Through Portrait Photography” I’ve been taking a series of photographs of the floor.

You can see Day One of my series by clicking HERE.

Applying an app I love called Paper Artist, the image immediately skewed in a new direction.

The exercise is easy.

Who doesn’t have a floor?

Here’s what I captured on Day 2. I was looking at the floor through crossed legs. The Paper Artist filter pushed the image into an abstraction.

Like Tyler says, “Daydream about photography.”

Mary Gow Photo Floor No. 2

Create a Fluid Painting in Minutes

Recently I got to see Zlata Rabinovich demonstrate her fluid painting. She uses Flood Floetrol Additive mixed with acrylic paint – and in the video you’ll see the mixture poured on a canvas can to create something spontaneously gorgeous! I can’t wait to try it myself.

The sound on the video isn’t that good and the images can tell the story.

You can find Flood Floetrol, 32 oz., at Lowe’s for around $7.98.

More about Zlata at her website:

What We See Every Day


“Floor No. 1,” Photo by Mary Gow

The message from Tyler Mitchell’s Master Class was clear: photograph something every day, even if it’s the floor or the ceiling.

SO I’m taking his advice.

Here’s a photograph of my floor.

I was having fun.

“Explore what interests you,” says Mitchell in his course. You can find out more about it at:

Can you tell I love abstract art?

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