When I found Gerhard Richter‘s work I felt validated. Here’s a successful artist who works in photography and painting has elements of reality and non-reality. He isn’t working in one narrow genre. I like that.

Richter’s “Forty Years of Painting” show appeared in 2002 at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. I didn’t know about him till someone who loved his work pointed it out to me a few years ago and I saw Richter’s work in SFMOMA’s 2010 Fisher Collection.

I love Richter’s visual vocabulary. Photography, painting, realism, abstraction. Vibrant colors. Streaking green lines the color of Granny Smith Apples next to raspberry red made by Richter’s huge squeegees moving chunks of paint on canvases you can jump into, stretching seven or ten feet wide.

If you can catch the documentary about him, don’t miss it!

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