Image by Mary Gow

If you have nine minutes to spare watch these two videos. The first is produced by BNET Video, with Carmine Gallo explaining how to present like Steve Jobs. The shorter video below features tech evangelist and author Guy Kawasaki. Here’s a highlight of their tips:

1) Set the theme with a single headline;

2) Provide an outline and verbally open and close each section with a transition;

3) Be big on visuals and short on bullet points;

4) Make your numbers meaningful (for example “75,555 iPhones are sold every day”);

5) Use video clips, surprise guests, memorable props (like he unveiled the mac air by pulling it out of an interoffice envelope;

6) Use Guy Kawasaki’s 10-20-30 presentation rule: use 10 slides, talk no longer than 20 minutes, and use 30 point type (or a point size that’s the age of the oldest member of the audience); and

7) Rehearse rehearse rehearse. Know your material (so you can captivate your audience as you talk through your compelling images).

Do you have any tips to add?