To continue from yesterday’s thread about digital storytelling, below is a short YouTube video featuring the 7 elements Joe Lambert of the Center for Digital Storytelling recommends you include:

1) Point of View – what is the point of this production? Who am I telling the story to? Why am I telling it now?
2) Dramatic Opinion – employ a question that needs to be answered, such as, will boy meet girl?
3) Emotional Content – research shows that emotion enhances knowledge and understanding.
4) Voice – can touch the viewer deeper than the written word. Inflection can make important differences.
5) Soundtrack – adds another layer of meaning. Be sure it is complementing the piece and not distracting from it.
6) Pacing – time for the viewer to absort and process the information.
7) Economy – a picture may say a thousand words. Or no image may be needed. Also you don’t have to be literal.