Here we are, two weeks away from 2011. It’s a popular time to see headlines about the new year, goals, time management, how to change your life in a nanosecond. Have you decided to handle this season or the upcoming one any differently than before?

Yesterday I heard a podcast presented by Sterling (Jeremy Fransen) of the Internet Marketing Academy that encourages you to ease up on how many “shoulds” you shower on yourself. That was among the five suggestions he had for overcoming procrastination.

The podcast was officially titled: “How to Break the Cycle of Procrastination and Finally Take Action”.

1. Focus on the starting rather than the finishing. Concentrate on the next action (one action that may take 15 or 20 minutes). Cut off all distractions and don’t answer phone or email when you’re performing this task.

2. Only spend time learning the things that apply immediately to what you need to do next. Fransen calls this a “just in time” learner.

Tomorrow I will share the rest of Fransen’s suggestions. I’ve done a lot of research on procrastination and realize constructive “moving forward” exercises can work for some. Others may find it takes thinking of what will happen if this doesn’t get done in order to even begin. What will happen if you don’t even start?