Improv Writing by Mary Gow

Improv Writing, Digital Image by Mary Gow

Do you go to a lot of conferences and take a lot of notes?

Don Crowther is an internet marketing expert and creator of the Social Profit Formula. I haven’t enrolled in his workshops yet but in a one of his many generously informative webinars he shared tips on effective conference note-taking. Here’s some points I thought were worth remembering:

1) Write down as much as you can. Later type up your notes. Something registers when you use you write rather than type.

2) Write all your notes in one place. He takes all his notes in the 5.2” wide Moleskine ruled.

3) Teach the content you just learned within 24 hours of receiving it.

4) Develop your own code for key take away points, like putting dashes one quarter inch closer to the left margin as an action item.

As an aside, there was a whole segment about business cards.

Put your photo on your business card. People at conferences will remember you better.

Don’t get business cards that are glossy on both sides. It makes writing notes on the back too difficult.

Do you like to type your notes instead of write them? How do you register names with faces of people you meet at conferences?