Monotype by Mary Gow

What’s in it for you if you go through Julia Cameron’s 12 week course in the book, The Artist’s Way? Here’s some things it’s done for me and :

1. The groove of the morning pages has given me the feeling of a daily discipline that I realize can turn me into a real powerhouse of productivity. The morning pages have shown me that I can stick to something and these small steps can lead to something bigger.

2. I like treasure mapping and this book is full of exercises that require you find the hidden treasures and map them out for yourself. One of my favorites was the rocking chair exercise. Imagine yourself at 80 looking back at you now. What would you like to tell yourself?

3. It is a call to action. More than many other books on creativity, this workbook asks that I DO things.

4. It doesn’t let you off easy. This is twelve weeks of tough love. It’s about being accountable, responsible and committed, like an artist.

Are you ready to share your creative gifts with the world but feeling a little stuck? The Artist’s Way can help you find your way.