As you may gather from my postings, I attend a lot of talks/lectures/workshops! One of the reasons I blog is because it quenches three interests at the same time: 1) writing; 2) sharing (with the desire to be of service and a source of inspiration); and 3) creativity and how to cultivate it.

Last week I went to a class taught by a friend who hosts regular helpful talks on how to live and love more effectively. In our latest class, which was last week, the topic was how to use your intuition to achieve your goals.

One of the many worthwhile things we went over this evening, was a message that the three most important things to cultivate and concentrate on are: 1) joy; 2) appreciation; and 3) gratitude.

The more we can focus on creating these qualities through people, situations, thoughts and feelings, the higher we will raise our own vibration. And what happens when you raise your vibration? What you wish for that matches that vibration has an easier chance of finding you!

Does there appear to be an affinity for sets of 3?