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Angels Among Us

Angels Among Us, by Mary Gow
“Angels Among Us,” watercolor and color pencil, by Mary Gow
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Day 30 – Is Your Brain Handsome?

The Field, by Mary Gow
“The Field,” triple exposure photo by Mary Gow
I admire the work of neuropsychologist and author Dr. Daniel Amen.

Have you seen his presentations on Public Television?

He’s also the author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Body.

One of my fascinations with the show is seeing what a “good-looking” brain looks like through brain scans.

And Dr. Amen shares how you can transform the way your brain looks by what you eat and by exercising.

Less attractive brain scans show weird bumps and spots but the beauty is a beautiful brain could still be attainable with changes in habits.

Today, is the final day of my 30 day personal experiment of blogging and sharing art every day. Hope you enjoyed it!

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Day 29 – Where the Magic Is

Energy, by Mary Gow
“Energy,” Photo Illustration by Mary Gow
Watched a panel of social entrepreneurs speak tonight.

First, what is a “social entrepreneur”?

I’ll go with the definition from the Ashoka Innovators for the Public:

“Social entrepreneurs are individuals with innovative solutions to society’s most pressing social problems.”

The panel narrator at this meeting of the Commonwealth Club was Dr. Ruth Shapiro, who edited the book, The Real Problem Solvers: Social Entrepreneurs in America.

In the book thirteen social entrepreneurs are featured and four of them were present this evening.

One of my favorite quotes of the evening was from Kriss Deiglmeier of the Center for Social Innovation at Stanford University, “Execution trumps ideas.”

I left inspired to figure out something so brilliant as d.Light’s Solar Lantern that has empowered the lives of 10 million people!

My image for today is a sandwich of several images: a daisy, the palm of one of my friend’s hands, and the ceiling of the San Francisco Opera at the War Memorial Opera House.

The magic is in what you execute!

From the d.Light website here’s a very short video about their creation that has brought light to school kids so they can now study at night.

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Day 28 – Audible Visual Art from My Phone

"Sing," by Mary Gow
“Sing,” by Mary Gow
I’m crazy about the phone app, Aeolian Harp.

With this app you’re drawing and making music at the same time!

Can’t believe it’s only $1.99 to download.

Created by Uwe Oestermeier, you can visit his website for more info.

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