The Yes Tree, by Mary Gow

The Yes Tree, watercolor and pencil on paper, by Mary Gow

As promised from an earlier post, I’m revisiting Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art and what distinguishes a “Professional” from an “Amateur.”

According to Pressfield a professional:

1. Is Patient.
2. Seeks Order.
3. Demystifies.
4. Acts in the Face of Fear.
5. Accepts No Excuses.
6. Plays It as It Lays.
7. Is Prepared.
8. Does Not Show Off.
9. Dedicates Herself to Mastering Technique.
10. Does Not Hesitate to Ask for Help.
11. Distances Herself from Her Instrument.
12. Does Not Take Failure (or Success) Personally.
13. Endures Adversity.
14. Self-Validates.
15. Recognizes Her Limitations.
16. Reinvents Herself.
17. Is Recognized by Other Professionals.

(from pgs. 75 to 96, The War of Art)

Watch a video here and see Marie Forleo’s most recent interview with Pressfield about his latest book, Turning Pro.

My painting today is titled “The Yes Tree.” It’s about following the ‘yes’ that feels right in your gut.