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Creating a Smooshing Business Plan

"Real Artists Ship" Quote by Steve Jobs, Drawing by Mary Gow

“Real Artists Ship” Quote by Steve Jobs, Drawing by Mary Gow

Did you ever think drawing stick figures could help your career?

It wouldn’t hurt if you’re trying to draw out instead of write out what you want.

It was a profession I’ve been researching called “graphic facilitation,” also known as “sketch notes,” and “graphic recording.”

What I find fascinating about graphic facilitation is it’s like visual transcribing. And there’s some places you can learn this skill. Two that come to mind are The Grove Consultants International in San Francisco, and Alphachimp Studio online.

There’s a terrific book called The Back of the Napkin: Solving Problems and Selling Ideas with Pictures, by Dan Roam. You learn how to scribe meetings with a blend of drawings with words which can engage your audience more than PowerPoint would.

I could go on about graphic facilitation but it was in researching that obsession that I found a highly useful book called “Business Model You,” by Tim Clark.

In a previous post I mentioned Emilie Wapnick ( who coaches people on how to smoosh their many talents into a career path.

I like her idea and there’s one page business plan in Business Model You that can help you map out a way to utilize your talents.

Check out Business Model You’s business plan form. There’s three different versions of the one page plan you can download here.

Happy Smooshing.

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  1. Jan Hermans

    One of my favorite visual planning models is called a PATH Plan. You can google and find different versions but they are of the same spirit. You invite the people you want to support you in your plan. At the end of the plan you have a full visual plan to follow with the people invited making a commitment to help you as they are able. They find using this model that even if the PATH Plan is put away after that night, the plan will happen and be put into practice.

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