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What’s Your Favorite Shape?

Spiral by Mary Gow

Photo by Mary Gow

If you were to pick a shape you most identify with, would it be a square, circle, triangle, cross or spiral? In some future posts I will talk about what each of these shapes have stood for in various cultures. These shapes appear in all artwork over time.

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A Tool for Building Your Personal Photo Mosaic

At you can build you own mosaic of photos. I participated with Laurie Marshall of Unity Through Creativity (, in a project to bring more awareness to autism through constructing a Singing Tree for Autism using zumyn software. So it looks like it is not only a tool for your own photo mosaic, it is also a wonderful tool for an interactive creative project. See Marshall’s project at

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Choose from 4,810,214 Titles to Swap

How does it work? At you sign up and list ten books you’d like to swap with other members. When it’s requested you send it to the requestor. The only cost involved is the shipping of the book – usually via the cheapest route which may only cost a few bucks. The books you request you receive for free. Here’s a video that explains it:

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Your Book as a Marketing Tool

In Patrick Schwerdtfeger’s book Webify Your Business, Internet Marketing Secrets for the Self-Employed,he presents a step-by-step guide for wowing your cyber audience. He suggests you carve your own niche that is an inch wide and a mile deep. He highly recommends you write a book (of any length) and says it is one of THE best tools because it gives you something to use as a platform as an “expert” in some way. It also can be a springboard for many speaking engagements. Check out more about the book at:

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