Solstice Greetings

Soulful Solstice, acrylic on canvas, by Mary Gow

Soulful Solstice, acrylic on canvas, by Mary Gow

As we’re approaching the shortest day of the year I’m painting a series of small paintings, each either 8″ x 10″ or 11″ x 14″. I’m seriously under the influence of music as I created the piece shown here. I like moving my brush around in vibrant fields of orange and yellow.

I love the Fauvist palette and reflected my kinship with that era in this piece. Though Fauvism was a short-lived movement (1905-1908), it had a significant impact on the art of the 20th century.

Henri Matisse and Andre Derain are two artists who were at in the forefront of this movement.

Cheers to you and yours as a new season begins.

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New Work

"New Season, New Song," acrylic on canvas, by Mary Gow

“New Season, New Song,” acrylic on canvas, by Mary Gow

It feels like a new season since we recently experienced some much needed rain. To celebrate, I’m working on a lively new series of abstract paintings and here’s one of them.

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Two of Jeff Bridges’ Mom’s Memorable Methods

"Blossom," drawing by Mary Gow

“Blossom,” drawing by Mary Gow

There was an American Masters series on PBS that highlighted the life of actor Jeff Bridges. He won an Academy Award for his performance in the movie Crazy Heart, and has been in a number of notable films.

Bridges shared two things his mom did that seemed to add to his creative flair. I thought they were worth passing on.

1) His mom gave him an hour every day to do whatever he wanted.

2) She kept a journal for each child and she wrote a paragraph a day day about their lives. When the child turned 21 she gave them the journal.

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Open Studios in November

"Stepping Out...Slowly," mixed media by Mary Gow

“Stepping Out…Slowly,” mixed media by Mary Gow

It’s that time of year again when you can drop into artist’s studios and alternative spaces to see a huge swatch of the art made in the San Francisco area. The event covers 4 weekends in a row and begins this weekend and continues through November 9th.

Back in 2008 when I told my good friend, Regina Held (owner of Matrix Fine Art Gallery and New Grounds Print Workshop & Studio in Albuquerque, NM), that I was in Open Studios she said, “Well don’t be too hard on yourself. It takes three years to get it right. The first year you don’t know what you’re doing. The second year you make some changes. By the third year you know what you’ve got the hang of it.”

2014 San Francisco Open Studios will be my chance to show I’ve got the hang of it. My first two official appearances were at the Graphic Arts Workshop at 2565 Third Avenue in 2008 and 2009 in Suite 305 of the American Industrial Building. If you haven’t been by there I’d recommend you go. There’s a irresistible bakery across the hallway from the Graphic Arts Workshop that cooks up the pastries for many of the bakeries in town. There’s nothing like the lilt of cinnamon rolls in the air while mixing inks and rolling the press.

You’re cordially invited to drop by and see my work at the Grotto Gallery at 1590 Bryant Street, SF 94103, on Weekend #3 – November 1st and 2nd. There’s a party on the evening of November 1st so hours of viewing are 11am to 7:30pm. Sunday I’ll be there 11am to 6pm. Light refreshments will be provided. And it’s rumored the Fat Chance Belly Dancers are performing Saturday evening.

On view will be the best display of the range of my work – perhaps ever to appear in one space. I’ll be showing what my best favorite works in the main media I work in: photography, painting, monotypes, and cameraless art (also known as “photograms”).

Mention this blog entry and you get ten percent off any purchases of my work at the Grotto Gallery at Sports Basement at 1590 Bryant Street.

Click here for a PDF of a map of the areas you can visit each weekend.

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Happy Anniversary ArtSpirit7

"Lake Union," photo by Mary Gow

“Lake Union,” photo by Mary Gow

How’s your summer been?

This is the fourth anniversary of my blog. Here’s where I share my discoveries on my journey of creative discoveries as an artist and self-improvement geek. I confess, I’m fan of “Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday” and Flora Bowley’s Bloom True e-Course on Intuitive Painting. I’m working on becoming the best I can be by honoring my intuition and these two ladies are among my many teachers.

Four years ago I went to a workshop on how to blog given by Sharyn Abbott. Many of her tips were ahead of the curve. Back then she was already endorsing the use of and 99 Designs as resources for the self-employed. She showed how to use Hootsuite coordinate your social media. She advocated using WordPress and demonstrated some basics.

And that’s how I got started. I wrote my first post in Abbott’s class in August of 2010.

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Thank You Maya Angelou

"Hatiku di Indonesia (My Heart is in Indonesia)," mixed media by Merry E. Wilcox

“Hatiku di Indonesia (My Heart is in Indonesia),” mixed media by Merry E. Wilcox

Something in me said “I MUST Go” when Maya Angelou spoke at the Performing Arts Center in Austin, Texas. That was over two decades ago and it was the closest I ever came to meeting her in person.

She had a dignity and presence that communicated with some deep eternal part of me. She moved me. She helped me remember to be grateful for all the ancestors on whose shoulders we stand (Oprah Winfrey also reminds me of this).

Thank you, Maya Angelou, for your life and legacy. Thank you for reminding me how important it is to be authentic.

(Thank you artist, Merry Wilcox, for this beautiful mixed media piece I saw in the Dallas Area Fiber Artists show in Spring 2014).

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